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About Karen

I am Karen a Crystal Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Indian Massage Therapist, Meditation Tutor including Restorative Yoga Nidra Meditation and Crystal Jewellery Maker. I am an expert in all things crystal and create and run specialised crystal workshops suitable for all.

I am a born nurturer. I love working to help people move energy that is holding them back so they can live their life more fully, feel lighter in themselves, sleep better, release anxiety and build a regular healthy attitude and mindset.

Crystal Therapy by Karen
Crystal Therapy by Karen

I started my journey with crystals as a child and crystals have continued to hold my fascination ever since. Crystals are an intrinsic part of my daily life and my spiritual journey as crystals continue to enhance my intuition.  The amazing benefits of crystals, as natural resources, have led me to train in Crystal Therapy. I later added Reiki and Indian Head Massage as I believe these three types of treatment work well together. With Reiki energy each client will experience something unique, as the Reiki energy will flow to where the energy is needed and add in some crystal energy for an amazing healing treatment on all levels.

I have a Diploma in Crystal Therapy which I attained during a 2 years training period. I am qualified Reiki Level 2 Practitioner and have a Diploma in Indian Head Massage and Anatomy and Physiology.  I have studied Meditation and have a qualification to teach groups and 1:1 and I am an accredited member of the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine).

For many years I have worked as a Complementary Therapist in Kinver from my cave, a unique therapy space. 

I strongly believe in the benefits of Complementary Therapies and I pride myself in providing a nurturing service, with treatments tailored to your needs by offering individual or a combination of treatments.

I have an extensive knowledge of crystals and the benefits of crystal energy for your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. I offer crystal workshops for those wishing to learn more about crystal energy and experience this within a small group setting where I can provide guidance and support.

I would like to welcome you to experience a deeply relaxing, stress relieving therapy treatment, in a warm, quiet, candle lit cave, where you will be covered in blankets and experience the benefits of Crystal energy, Reiki energy or an Indian Head Massage or a combination.

Discover the Cave

Come and discover my treatment room or 'Cave' where I carry out all of my treatments

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