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Meditation allows you to become more aware and more purposeful about your actions. It teaches you how to respond, rather than react, to situations in your life.

Meditation helps to re-wire your brain, allowing you to shift from negative thought patterns and habits to positive ones.

The benefits of meditating regularly include stress reduction, lower levels of anxiety, better sleep and increased self-awareness.

Crystal Therapy by Karen
Crystal Therapy by Karen

The ideal length of time to meditate per session varies between individuals and practices. Generally, experts recommended meditating from between five and 45 minutes per day.  As a beginner start with short sessions of a few minutes and add time as you develop your meditating skills.

The groups are suitable for beginners and those who meditate regularly and provide a space for support, encouragement and guidance. If you wish to know more, please contact me.

Meditation is available in small groups in person, recordings and 1 to 1 via Zoom.

Meditation groups are daytime & evening at Willow Hill and include refreshments and canbe booked below.

Benefits of Group Practice

Group practice gives you support, suggestions to better your practice and keeps you motivated to continue your meditation at home. Discover how to take care of your emotional and mental well-being within a group environment. Group meditation gives you added support, increased confidence, assurance and motivation to succeed. Using breathing techniques and understanding the importance of correct posture you will be able to practise at home. The session includes a guided meditation and/or grounding techniques, breathing techniques and visualisations.

Guided Meditation Recordings

Guided Meditation recordings are approx 45 mins and are available here to purchase for a fee of £8 and include breathing technique, visualisation & guided meditation. Block booking of 4 recordings is £20. From September £25.

Book Your Class

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    1 hr 30 min

    12 British pounds

Subscribe for Montly Meditation Recordings

Recorded Meditation available as subscription £25 for 4 recordings ie 4 per month. Individual one off purchase from shop at £8.   

Recorded Meditations



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Four recordings each month

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